Deutsch Intern

    Media presence of the project

    media resonance and public relations

    Interviews on television:

    • MDR. April 2010 in "MDR um Zwölf"
    • BR3. Juli 2010 in "BR Abendschau"
    • ZDF. program "Geheimes Deutschland" on 24.1.2012

    Presence in internet:

    • Interview with "Sonntagsblatt Bayern":
    • Interview with "Deutschen Anleger Fernsehen" (DAF):
    • Anger, euphoria and financial 'bubble': Statment of Johannes Hewig, investigator of greed, to irrationalioty of financial decisions.
    • 500.000 Euro for the banker´s greed: Psychologist gets felllowship.
    • Psychologist tries to measure greed.
    • For 500.000 Euro: Psychologist investigates the banker´s greed.
    • Psychologist from university of Jena gets "Schumpeter-Fellowship" of VolkswagenFoundation.
    • Reinforcement for "Schumpeter-Fellows".